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PDO Thread Lifting Services in Wall Township, NJ

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The Thread Lifting procedure is an invasive treatment that is used for mild to moderate skin laxity. Thread lifting will target various locations on the face for rejuvenation and improvements to the appearance without the commitment of a facelift. This procedure is safe with low-risk that reduces recovery time allowing for minimal side effects. This treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, so ease and convenience create a positive experience for the patient. Without long downtime for this procedure, the patient can return to daily living with minimal recovery.

V-Soft Line PDO Thread Lift

At Suvita, we utilize the barbed PDO lifting threads in the V-Soft line to deliver optimal results. This barb lifting technique is a traditional approach by giving various desired effects to the face by the point of location of the treatment area. This innovative thread lift allows for facial feature improvements by creating volume and improving the skin’s quality through a procedure and product that has a longer life than many others.

This technique allows for younger, healthier, and more vital skin quality. The V-Soft line PDO Thread lift gives a natural appearance without interacting with your facial expressions for a looking that is just giving a younger image of your beauty. Having a procedure that allows for the contouring of the facial features while refreshing your natural beauty to enhance what is already present will let you feel and look you are most desirable.

The V-Soft Line PDO Thread Lift allows for a quicker and more comfortable procedure will little-to-no downtime. Giving your skin the quality, feel, and look you deserve without surgery will create a happier and fulfilling image of yourself. This treatment is cleared in the United States and Europe with clearing from the FDA and having certification of CE Medical Device