PDO Thread Lifting Services in Hazlet, NJ

Hazlet, NJ

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure used to address mild to moderate skin laxity, targeting various areas of the face to enhance its appearance without needing a full facelift. This treatment is safe and offers a swift recovery with minimal side effects, making it a convenient choice for patients. On average, the procedure takes just 45 minutes to complete, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities shortly afterward.

At Suvita, we employ the use of barbed PDO lifting threads from the V-Soft line to achieve optimal results. This technique involves strategically placing barbs in specific locations on the face to create the desired effects. The innovative thread lift approach not only adds volume to the face but also enhances the quality of the skin, and it boasts a longer-lasting effect compared to many other methods.

V-Soft Line PDO Thread Lift

The V-Soft Line PDO Thread Lift technique promotes youthful, healthy-looking skin that appears natural, preserving your facial expressions while giving you a more youthful appearance. This procedure enables contouring facial features to revitalize your natural beauty to help you achieve the look you desire and feel your best.

Furthermore, HAZLET’s V-Soft Line PDO Thread Lift services offer a swift and comfortable experience with little to no downtime. It provides the quality, texture, and appearance your skin deserves without the need for surgery, contributing to a happier and more fulfilling self-image. It’s important to note that this treatment is approved in both the United States and Europe, having received clearance from the FDA and certification from CE Medical Device authorities.

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