Suvità Botox Club

Purchase a minimum of 35 units of Botox every 3 months and receive a free microdermabrasion at your next follow up appointment! No banks. No monthly memberships. No member cancellation fees.

Get 10 % off Skin Care **

Get 10 % off any Laser or RF session**

How You Age is Our Business…

At Suvità we believe in the importance of continuous skin care which includes regimented maintenance of your Botox ( or other neurotoxins) as well as periodic skin enhancement services. That’s why we are happy to announce our new Suvità Botox Club. This special club is for clients who are serious about their Glow.

Clients who maintain their regimented Botox (neurotoxin) appointments of 35 units or more every three months will receive an included microdermabrasion session at the time of their two week follow up appointment. In addition, Botox Club members will receive 10% off any medical grade skin care product offered at Suvità and 10% off any Laser or RF services. Let us help you to Bring That Glow Back!

Terms & Conditions:

*In order to qualify to receive the free microdermabrasion service, you must purchase a minimum of 35 units of neurotoxin, schedule your next three month neurotoxin appointment and pay a deposit of $100.

• The deposit will be applied towards your next 3 month scheduled neurotoxin service.

• Microdermabrasion will be performed at the time of your scheduled 2 week follow up appointment.

• The deposit will be forfeited if the microdermabrasion service is provided but you do not purchase an additional minimum of 35 units of neurotoxin within 15 weeks from your previous neurotoxin service.

• May not be combined with any other offer.